PMO Multi Platform
Digital Solution

With P+, PMO can effectively manage its P3
(portfolio, programs & projects) or any other
structure through a simple, intuitive,
and robust platform.

Flexible Configuration

Your Solution, Your Way. Today and in The Future

P+ flexible configuration options enable you to configure your solution per your methodology, structure or other requirements and make ongoing modifications as your needs evolve.

Workflow Builder

Governs Your Processes

Build your e-forms and workflows that require several approvals through an ease-use administration panel.

Reporting & Dashboards

A Complete Overview of Real-Time Results

Tracking and analyzing your data at-a-glance to get insights and take quick and correct decisions using the rich and ravishing dashboards and reports.


Access your work anytime, anywhere!

At P+, we're all about efficiency. Syncing your work in real-time across the web and mobile app, by updating your projects from anywhere and, with whatever device you have access to.

Rocket Performance

Adequate and Accurate Performance

P+ guarantees high-level performance so you can reach information easily and take action quickly.

Security & Compliance

Your Security is Our Top Priority

Protecting your information is taken very seriously as part of our commitment to provide you with better service and utmost security.

P+ complies with the security measures of
Saudi Arabia


A Multi-Language System

Employees from different backgrounds do not have to worry about language barriers as the system supports Arabic and English.

Powerful Integration

Bring data from its source

P+ enables organizations to aggregate data from other systems such as (ERP, SAP..etc) to be automatically available on P+, which helps in data governance and accuracy.

Available for on premise only