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Portfolio-Program-Project (P3) Management

P+ is an end-to-end project management system that gives you a complete overview of your organization's portfolios, programs and projects with the ability to keep them on track.

  • PMOs can manage their portfolios, programs and projects effectively through convenient visuals and graphics.
  • Plan, schedule, and control large-scale programs and individual projects.
  • At-a-glance overview of all projects and portfolios in different views.
  • Project Managers can perform their daily tasks anytime anywhere.
  • A deeper understanding of portfolio health and actual ROI of initiatives.
  • Group and organize your projects.

Schedule and Tasks Management

Build your project schedule with the P+ interface and assign your team to each task, start by tracking your deliverables and milestones in separate views.

  • Import your schedule from MS Project in one click.
  • Manage your project's deliverables and milestones.
  • My Tasks lists, as a personal to-do list including all the tasks assigned to you.
  • Get automatic notifications when tasks are created, updated, or completed.
  • Define a starting point for your project plan as a baseline to be a reference point to measure and compare your project’s progress and assess your project's performance over time.
  • Notifications and alerts to concerned users (configurable) on due milestones and deliverables.
  • Upload supporting documents for each task, deliverable and milestone.

Project Governance (Phase Gate Review)

Control your project through the stage gate process that acts as a "go/no go" point for each phase, assuring that all required tasks are completed and the project is ready to move forward to the next stage.

  • Configure the project phases as per your methodology.
  • Identify the checklist for each phase.
  • Upload supporting documents for each checklist and add your comments and feedback.
  • Approving the move of a project from one stage to another by one or several stakeholders.

Risks and Issues Management

Have complete oversight of your project and portfolio risks and issues. Proactively identify, analyze, address, monitor and control all the risks and issues across your organization.

  • Identify and monitor all the risks and issues related to your portfolio, program or project.
  • Risk classification will change depending on their impact and probability based on your risk matrix.
  • Set up your approval process for creating, updating and closing risks and issues.
  • Transfer risks to issues in one click.
  • Request support to resolve issues and risks through the escalation process and determine the SLA on the escalation ladder.
  • Receive real-time notifications when a new risk/issue is added, updated or closed.

Status Reporting

Brief your projects completed and planned activities and view them from the most recent to the oldest.

  • Using a rich-text editor, insert all the planned and completed activities to briefly report the status of your projects.
  • View all the history updates as a timeline view.

Financial Management

P+ will facilitate the financial management of your projects, from planning payments to tracking invoices.

  • Project Managers have the authority to reform the allocated budget for each project and issue new invoices by adding the date, the spent amount, and additional comments.
  • Manage contract information and payment terms.
  • Track the earned value vs the consumed to represent the amount of the work that's actually completed.
  • Retrieve the financial information from its sources, such as ERP and SAP, in real-time synchronization (Available on-premise only).

Document Management

There's no need to flick back and forth between various sources and avoid confusion about where particular documents are saved. All your project documents exist in one location; as you can imagine, this makes it easy for team members to find the information they need.

  • A document library accessible via web and mobile, allowing users to find information easily anytime and anywhere.
  • Create a user-defined folder structure.
  • Upload and store any electronic files your enterprise needs.
  • Search documents, including their metadata and their contents.
  • Stakeholders can share and interact with documents in real time.
  • Find all your project documents in one place automatically such as supporting documents from phase gate review, risks and issues attachments, ...etc.

Team Management

Work together in real-time with features that foster collaboration.

  • Manage your project team members.
  • Start assigning team members to tasks, deliverables, risks and issues.
  • Discuss and collaborate together in real-time chatting.

PMO Process Automation (Workflow)

No more paper forms, start building your own e-forms & workflows to manage your PMO operations efficiently.

  • Build your project charter, closure, change request or any other form with our workflow engine in a few easy steps and manage the approval cycle at any time.
  • Link your PMO operations with the phase gate to govern your project lifecycle. For example, PMs cannot move the project to the planning phase until the charter is approved.

Project Dependencies

Build relationships between tasks based on their sequence. Dependent tasks require one or more other tasks to be completed or started before the team can work on them.

  • Manage dependencies between projects from one or multiple portfolios.
  • Set the dependency relation as start to start, finish to start or finish to finish.
  • Highlight all the risks and issues that may be affected during planning dependencies.
  • Notify project managers when the relationship is affected.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive notifications or alerts in multiple channels for any updates or actions required from your side.

  • Get automatic reminders and notifications when tasks and projects are approaching due dates.
  • Get notified when there is a new task, risk or issue assigned to you.
  • Keep posted when there are discussions or updates on your project, program or portfolio.
  • Receive notifications through the system, push notifications on your mobile or via email and SMS.

Manage Tasks in One Place

Manage and collaborate on any task, risk, issue or action item in one place with a powerful task center.

  • Locate your tasks in a calendar view and find out when your tasks are due.
  • Update your tasks from multiple projects in one place with a few clicks.
  • Post any updates, comments or questions on each task and activity along with any attachments.
  • Take quick actions such as closing issues, transferring risk to an issue or approving updates in one place.

Understand the big picture

Bring all your work together in a high-level overview with Dashboards. Our project dashboard feature provides real-time data from all your portfolios, programs, and projects.

  • Executive Dashboard Reporting.
  • With Overview Dashboards, you can group similar projects in your portfolio together to get a high-level view of them in a single dashboard.
  • Rapid checking of which projects are ahead of time and which are behind.
  • Dig deeper into individual projects for more detail.
  • Track all risks and issues in one view.
  • Monitor tasks, costs and teams with easy-to-read graphs.


P+ provides instant reports to PMO teams and executives on the overall status of the portfolios, programs and projects execution.

  • Export reports for senior management.
  • Export reports in PDF, MS Word or Excel.

Chat with team members

Use our chat engine to chat and collaborate with your project team members anytime, anywhere using the same experience as WhatsApp.

  • Get real-time notifications when there is a discussion related to your projects.
  • Send images, documents or voice notes and they will be all stored for reference.

Collaborate with your team on everything

Send comments and add images or documents on any task, risk or issue.

  • Share your updates and feedback on any task.
  • Send images, documents or attachments to be a reference for everyone at any time.

Never miss a beat with notifications that bring everything to one place.

Receive notifications or alerts in multiple channels for any updates or actions required from you.

  • Receive notifications through the system, push notifications on your mobile or via email and SMS.
  • Get notified when there is a new task, risk or issue assigned to you.
  • Keep posted when there are any discussions or updates on your project, program or portfolio
  • Get automatic reminders and notifications when tasks and projects are approaching due dates.

FARIS is here to help you!

With our intelligent Bot FARIS, you can manage your tasks through a natural human conversation and never miss a date.

  • FARIS is a virtual PMO officer that helps PMOs achieve their mission efficiently and supports them in the Change Management journey toward excellence.
  • FARIS helps PMOs in following up on projects tasks, risks and issues, delivering status reports and information about projects and sending alerts to PMO teams on delayed tasks, and alerts to concerned project managers on escalated critical events.
  • Ask FARIS about your tasks and share your updates through a natural human language.

We make it easy, rich and ravishing.

The easiest way to manage, track and analyze your projects at-a-glance to get insights and take quick and correct decisions with our simple and intuitive user interface.

View your work, your way

Simple yet powerful views for managing work, with multiple views, gain key insights on all your projects.

  • Take a complete look at your projects side-by-side using the timeline view.
  • Focus on one thing at a time using the cards view and drill to down to each level.
  • Understand where all your work stands at a glance by organizing your projects with flexible filtering.

Access your work anytime, anywhere!

We're all about efficiency. Syncing your work in real-time across the web and mobile app, by updating your projects from anywhere and, with whatever device you have access to.

  • Carry your work in your pocket with mobile applications for Android and iOS devices
  • Chat and collaborate with your team using our mobile app and keep all the discussion in one place where it belongs.


Employees from different backgrounds do not have to worry about language barriers as the system supports Arabic and English.

Build your structure the way you want

The main purpose of the PMO is to have an End-To-End (E2E) structure to plan, monitor, control, and ultimately get results. With P+, you can build your structure, whether you have a portfolio, program, and project or manage your projects per initiative.

  • Create new levels into your structure with few clicks and no coding.

The easiest way to build powerful forms

With P+, anyone can build new forms that can fit any use case.

  • Create a new form and start adding the fields from numbers, texts, users, lists or anything else you can think of.
  • Govern your form by applying validations to get the correct data every time.

Power up your form

Go way beyond with a formula builder that allows you to calculate values based on some expressions or other fields.

  • Easy-to-use editor.
  • Calculate values based on other fields, for example (get the progress variance by subtracting the planned from the actual progress).
  • Use logical expressions and mathematical operators.

Design and automate your processes with no coding.

No more paper forms, build your e-forms & workflows to manage your PMO operations efficiently.

  • Create steps, add parallel or sequential approvals and establish SLAs.
  • Assign approvals to users or groups.
  • Attach your workflow to any e-form, phase gate, and “project, program, and portfolio creation”.

Roles and Accessibility

Provide access to your organization's team members or any external stakeholders and choose the appropriate permissions and privileges for them.

  • Choose your user provider, either from the active directory or standalone with the option to choose both.
  • Create a group of users and provide them certain permissions and access, you can use groups to assign workflow steps and more.
  • Grant a certain permission for the user on any type of action, such as adding risk, closing issue...etc.

Customize the way you receive notifications

Manage all notifications for each flow and action, change them at any time, and choose where they should be sent.

  • Send rich-content notifications by adding values according to the context of the event.
  • Send notifications via email, SMS, and system push notifications.

Customize everything you need

P+ is built to adapt your requirements to fit your business needs, here are more configurations that you can do with P+:

  • Apply your logo and colors to the system.
  • Manage project phases and the compliance checklist for each one.
  • Build your escalation ladder and change it at any time.
  • Build the risk matrix.
  • Create the email template based on your identity.
  • Manage lookup values.
  • Manage document library structure.
  • And much more...